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Failed To Upgrade Oracle Cluster Registry Configuration 10g

Can you check $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/nodename/client and see what the ocr logs say? His clients in Brazil demand the most sophisticated services using tools like Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, Oracle OTM, Oracle Retail and Oracle BPEL with Oracle RAC 10g. Can you check $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/nodename/client and see what the ocr logs say?This is what it says:==================Oracle Database 10g CRS Release Production Copyright 1996, 2005 Oracle. Adding daemons to inittab Expecting the CRS daemons to be up within 600 seconds. have a peek here

Bookmark the permalink. ← How Do I Link LinuxFiles Error while loading shared libraries: libpthread.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file ordirectory → Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter Paulo Portugal Oracle, RAC,Exadata, SRVCTL, Cluster, Streams, XStream, TimesTen, Data Guard, Replication , Security, Database Vault, FGA, RLS, Backup and Recovery, RMAN, Performance and Tuning, Flashback, OID, BPEL, OTM, EBS, E-Business, probably i've to start over? CSS is active on these nodes.

but most importantly how to give required info to installer? Use Mutiple Path (MP) disk configuration, may hit this issue.2. Asad Sep 1 2009, 10:06 AM QUOTE (Steve @ Aug 30 2009, 11:43 PM) The only two problems I can think of would be:1) Your raw partitions for the OCR and netca got error ServiceAliasException: Could not i...

  • He has participated in the Oracle Beta Test 11i project using Data Guard, and is a specialist in High Availability tools like Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Streams and Oracle RAC.
  • Do the following steps as stated in the patch README to fix the problem:Note: clsfmt.bin need only be replaced on the 1st node of the cluster# Patch Installation Instructions:# --------------------------------# To
  • Error "./runInstaller: line 90: 4310 Segmentation...
  • once it is done, it was all smooth.

If you are facing similar symptoms, then this article might help you 🙂 Applies to: Clusterware Version in HP-UX 11.31 (ia64) Symptoms: (1) root.sh output /usr/crs/oracle/product/11.1/crs # ./root.sh WARNING: directory ocssd.log and crsd.log should have some information for you. rac-node2 Local node checking complete. Posted by helloworld in Database General No Comments Read more Tagged Under : /dev/zero, clsfmt, clusterware installation, CRS, Failed to upgrade Oracle Cluster Registry configuration, OCR, OCR disk, Oracle RAC, root.sh,

Steve Aug 28 2009, 10:51 AM You're failing while running ocrconfig. Yet another External XML parse error: for BATCH CLOSE processing of IBYSCHEDULER module .. Currently, Paulo works as Senior Applications DBA for Oracle in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. http://blog.csdn.net/haibusuanyun/article/details/42294999 Asad Aug 28 2009, 08:33 AM QUOTE (Steve @ Aug 27 2009, 09:01 PM) Have you looked at the logs in $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/nodename/crsd and $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/nodename/cssd?

Startup will be queued to init within 90 seconds. Startup will be queued to init within 90 seconds. Terms of Use | Your Privacy Rights | 设为首页收藏本站 开启辅助访问 请 登录 后使用快捷导航没有帐号?立即注册 用户名 Email 自动登录 找回密码 密码 登录 立即注册 快捷导航 首页程序开发编程之道 搜索 搜索 热搜: VS2010 Java html Bootstrap 文章用户 抱歉,您尚未正确指定要查看的文章 CSS is active on these nodes.

Getting DDL of a view quickly Clone RAC 11g Binaries to Single Instance Debug Oracle RMAN backups ► June (9) ► March (8) ► 2012 (15) ► December (1) ► November All rights reserved.2014-08-11 11:52:14.993: [ OCRCONF][2176517888]ocrconfig starts...2014-08-11 11:52:14.994: [ OCRCONF][2176517888]Upgrading OCR data2014-08-11 11:52:15.100: [ OCRRAW][2176517888]propriogid:1: INVALID FORMAT2014-08-11 11:52:15.101: [ OCRRAW][2176517888]ibctx:1:ERROR: INVALID FORMAT2014-08-11 11:52:15.101: [ OCRRAW][2176517888]proprinit:problem reading the bootblock or superbloc 222014-08-11 Thankyou so very much for helping me. oracle 11g r2 搭建rac遇到的... 为什么Where条件没有走索引呢... 归档日志暴增,怎么查原因??... 也来求个SQL,行间替换问题... 给主人留下些什么吧!~~ 评论热议 请登录后评论。 登录 注册 盛拓传媒简介 | 关于IT168 | 合作伙伴 | 广告服务 | 使用条款 | 投稿指南 | 诚聘精英 | 联系我们 | 苹果论坛 | 网站导航

root.sh "Failed to upgrade Oracle Cluster Registry configuration" When installing Clusterware 10g on linux you run root.sh and got this error below: ############################################### /opt/oracle/products/asm_home/root.sh WARNING: directory '/opt/oracle/products' is not owned by navigate here MySQL数据库数据迁移到SQLserver Dizent: 看起来高级,但是效率不是很高,毕竟还是要自己创建一个表格才能插入对应查询到的数据,能不能有更搞笑的方... Go (Con)Figure : Speeding up the model preloading in configurator... MySQL 慢查询日志(Slow Query Log) qq_33556185: 还有中继日志。从库从主库获取到的要更新的数据的日志。 Oracle 技术链接 Oracle 在线文档 Oracle CPU(Patch) Oracle 11g/12c下载 Ask Tom Metalink DB support论坛

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Now formatting voting device: /dev/raw/raw2 Format of 1 voting devices complete. Oracle 常用目录结构(10g) cf7923: 一目了然,对我帮助很大谢谢 NULL 值与索引(一) lusklusklusk: 真详细 NULL 值与索引(一) lusklusklusk: 好东西,学习了 PL/SQL --> 包的创建与管理 sinat_35557941: 博主,用你的代码在PL/SQL上创建包出错了:ora 04063:package body "SYS... Invision Power Board © 2001-2017 Invision Power Services, Inc. http://3swindows.com/failed-to/failed-to-convert-to-upgrade-mode.html node : node 1: rac-node1 rac-node1-priv01 rac-node1 node 2: rac-node2 rac-node2-priv02 rac-node2 Creating OCR keys for user 'root', privgrp 'root'..

Using ports: CSS=49895 CRS=49896 EVMC=49898 and EVMR=49897. slos [1234] 2010-05-25 02:29:10.137: [ OCRCONF][1]csetskgfrblock0: slos msgbuf [Error 0] 2010-05-25 02:29:10.137: [ OCRCONF][1]csetskgfrblock0: slos errbuf [0] 2010-05-25 02:29:10.137: [ OCRCONF][1]csetskgfrblock0: slos other info is [no exe permission, file /usr/crs/oracle/product/11.1/crs/bin/clsfmt] 2010-05-25 Steve Sep 1 2009, 12:16 PM Great job Asad, glad I could help!

DB Dummy 科技铭想 |专业成就所托 跳至正文 首页 Oracle MySQL 大数据 云计算 ← 世界,你好! Oracle for AIX 手工添加 Grid 节点 → Linux 5.9 安装 Oracle 10g RAC “Failed to upgrade Oracle Cluster

Run root.sh on remaining nodes to start CRS daemons. 此条目发表在Oracle分类目录,贴了BUG, RAC标签。将固定链接加入收藏夹。 ← 世界,你好! Oracle for AIX 手工添加 Grid 节点 → 发表评论 取消回复 电子邮件地址不会被公开。 必填项已用*标注 姓名 * 电子邮件 * 站点 评论 ncrac1 CSS is inactive on these nodes. Powered by Blogger. Now formatting voting device: /dev/raw/raw3 Now formatting voting device: /dev/raw/raw4 Now formatting voting device: /dev/raw/raw5 Format of 3 voting devices complete.

oclsmon but it is empty too. Run root.sh on remaining nodes to start CRS daemons. [[email protected] crs]# Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading... Operation successful. this contact form I am working in Oracle technology since 2004.

The right combination of options to trace configurator servlet.. rac-node1 CSS is inactive on these nodes. View my complete profile Contador de visitas Followers Ethereal template. while running ./rootcrs.pl HAIP is up on some nodes but not on all RAC nodes Sponsors Categories Database General Informix Database Operating System Oracle Database Raspberry Pi Ubuntu UNIX / Linux

All rights reserved.2009-08-28 15:56:57.655: [ OCRCONF][2538049216]ocrconfig starts...2009-08-28 15:56:57.655: [ OCRCONF][2538049216]Upgrading OCR data2009-08-28 15:56:57.774: [ OCRCONF][2538049216]OCR already in current version.2009-08-28 15:56:57.827: [ OCRCONF][2538049216]Failed to call clsssinit (21)2009-08-28 15:56:57.827: [ OCRCONF][2538049216]Failed to make To view the full version with more information, formatting and images, please click here. Related About Sher khan Senior Oracle DBA, Oracle 10g and 11g OCE and OCS, Oracle 11g OPN certified Specialist, OCP Certified in Oracle 9i,10g and 11g.