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Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Additional Information 2


give it a try from client itself and make sure that part works. "NULL: Connection timed out" may suggest that routing might be wrong for some reason or any other blocking The following procedure illustrates only one method. If you are using a raw partition to store a 10GB datafile, and your operating system only supports 4GB files on the file system, you cannot take image copy backups of TSM 6 on AIX 2 vote(s) TSM 7 on AIX 13 vote(s) TSM 6 on Windows 2012 1 vote(s) TSM 6 on Windows 0 vote(s) TSM 7 on Windows 2012 6 Check This Out

I am out of ideas... Archived Redo Log Creation in the Flash Recovery Area It is recommended that you the use flash recovery area as an archived log location because the archived logs are automatically managed You can try running SBTTEST to see if your MML is configured properly. The unique backup piece names generated by %U are less than 14 characters.

Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Additional Information 2

CLEAR. By default, RMAN has preconfigured a disk channel so that you can back up to disk without doing any manual configuration. Refer to your media management documentation to learn how to back up files to the media manager outside of RMAN.

Maybe Marianne Moderator Partner Trusted Advisor Accredited Certified ‎10-20-2014 02:45 AM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS Feed Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content I Also, ensure that you have the correct PARMS and FORMAT strings required by your media management software. As a rule, allocating one channel for each physical device is best. Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Linux Check if there are any media manager jobs in "tape mount request" mode and fix the problem.

For an overview of configured channels and how they are used, refer to the section "Configuring Channels". Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Netbackup perhaps on other platforms is somewhere else... PARALLELISM integer command specifies how many channels (up to 254) RMAN should allocate for jobs on the specified device type. http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora-19554_ora-27211_failed_media_management_library.htm I was wondering if the NBU libobk was fine.

When you issue the BACKUP command, RMAN allocates only default channels of the type set by the CONFIGURE DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE command. Ora-27211: Failed To Load Media Management Library Commvault RajeshR replied Jan 8, 2017 at 1:21 AM TS3200 Drive error, not sure... Refer to "Backup Job Is Hanging: Scenario" if the problem persists. Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) 11.

Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Netbackup

This example shows a snapshot location that is determined by the default rule: RMAN> SHOW SNAPSHOT CONTROLFILE NAME; CONFIGURE SNAPSHOT CONTROLFILE NAME TO '/oracle/dbs/snapcf_trgt.f'; # default This example shows a snapshot CLEAR command clears the configured default device and returns it to DISK (the default setting). Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Additional Information 2 A media manager is not an Oracle product and must be obtained from a third-party vendor. Ora-27211: Failed To Load Media Management Library Tsm Showing the Configured Channel Settings The SHOW CHANNEL, SHOW DEVICE TYPE and SHOW DEFAULT DEVICE TYPE commands are used to display the current configured channel settings.

For example, enter: SHOW DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES; # shows CONFIGURE DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES setting Sample output for SHOW DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES follows: RMAN configuration parameters are: CONFIGURE DATAFILE BACKUP COPIES FOR his comment is here For example, CONFIGURE DEVICE TYPE ... For example, assume that you configure BACKUP COPIES to 3. If it works from client, re-inspect nsrnmo file you used for backup from server. Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Windows

  1. Re: problem NMO Hrvoje Crvelin Mar 31, 2011 6:01 AM (in response to Yury) One thing, which might not be obvious from docs, is to run on your client nsrnmoadmin -r
  2. Shutdown the DB and brought it online, relinked again. 3.
  3. When RMAN actually allocates channels to communicate with a media manager, it attempts to load the library indicated by the SBT_LIBRARY parameter.

You can use the substitution variables provided by RMAN to generate unique backup piece names. For example, to test whether your backup goes successfully to tape, you might run the following command: RUN { ALLOCATE CHANNEL c1 DEVICE TYPE sbt PARMS='SBT_LIBRARY=/mediavendor/lib/libobk.so ENV=(NSR_SERVER=tape_srv,NSR_GROUP=oracle_tapes)'; BACKUP CURRENT CONTROLFILE; } I was doing backup /etc/hosts error was not.On the client logs this error "nsrexecd 40 User %s cannot request command execution 1 0 6 SYSTEM" Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes this contact form Upgrade to the current release from a release prior to 8.1.7 The snapshot control file location is not set to the default value.

For example, connect the RMAN client to the target and, if applicable, the recovery catalog. Ora-27211: Failed To Load Media Management Library Ddboost The SA confirmed we were running the latest version (6.5.5), so I decide to have a look to those libraries myself and I spotted the problem: -r-xr-xr-x 1 oracle oinstall    89873 The PARMS parameter sends instructions to the media manager.


To create link use command: $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib $ ln -s /usr/lib/libnsrora.so libobk.so After linking of correct oracle library backup script should run successful without any issues. As a result of these changes, I upgrade the TDP to 64bit. BACKUP COPIES lets you view how you have used CONFIGURE ... Ora-27211 Failed To Load Media Management Library Netbackup Windows Labels: 7.1.x and Earlier AIX Backing Up Backup and Recovery NetBackup Troubleshooting 6 Kudos Reply 1 Solution Accepted Solutions Accepted Solution!

For example, assume that your media vendor requires PARMS settings as follows: RMAN> CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE sbt PARMS='SBT_LIBRARY=/mediavendor/lib/libobk.so ENV=(NSR_SERVER=tape_svr,NSR_CLIENT=oracleclnt,NSR_GROUP=ora_tapes)' FORMAT "BACKUP_%U"; After configuring the channel, test by backing up something SYSTEM user is found on Windows systems and since you backup Linux I see no reason other than some misconfiguration to yiled error like that. The backup of the tools tablespace uses the MAXSETSIZE setting of 5G used in the BACKUP command. http://3swindows.com/failed-to/failed-to-load-library-powrprof-dll.html Check that it is installed properly, and that LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable (or its equivalent on your platform) includes the directory where this file can be found.