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Ans8001i Return Code 3


System Action: TSM canceled the current operation. System Action: Processing stopped. TSM cannot process your intended command. If the problem continues, contact your system administrator for further help.-124 EDSM_RC_3270COMM_MISSING_DLL Explanation: The TSM DLL dsm3270.dll cannot be found in the user's path. have a peek here

System Action: Even though the size of the file increased, the file is compressed. User Response: Ensure that the system limits are set properly.0167 EDSM_RC_CANNOT_MAKE Explanation: The directory path for files being restored or retrieved cannot be created. Lists Re: delete offsite volume - did not go to a pending status, Prather, Wanda

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Ans8001i Return Code 3

You can send a message to the end user that describes the problem and suggest a course of action. User Response: This error is a temporary problem. A tape volume may be marked unavailable if prior read errors were encountered or the volume is checked out of the tape library.0015 EDSM_RC_ABORT_RETRY Explanation: Unexpected Retry request. This file will not be backed up.

  • System Action: None.
  • System Action: TSM canceled the current operation.
  • User Response: Retry the operation.
  • TSM and on Sun Solaris 2.6 (two of my servers seem to be affected so far) Example: (volume name and server name changed to protect the innocent) tsm: TSMSERVER>
  • User Response: Ensure that you are entering a correct command.0174 EDSM_RC_REJECT_PLATFORM_MISMATCH Explanation: Your node name is associated with a different type of operating system (such as OS/2 or AIX) and cannot
  • User Response: Check the error log for more information.

System Action: The system returns to the calling procedure. User Response: Correct the spelling of the option keywords. System Action: TSM ends. Verify that the dsmInit configuration file only has a subset of the dsm.sys options.

System Action: The current operation stops. Ans8001i Return Code 4 System Action: The system returns to the calling procedure. See your administrator for the correct name of the server.-052 EDSM_RC_CONN_REFUSED Explanation: An attempt to establish a TCP/IP connection was rejected by the server. my review here You are not allowed to connect to the server until your node name is registered with the server.

User Response: Get authorization from the other node.0124 EDSM_RC_FILE_SPACE_NOT_FOUND Explanation: The specified file space (domain) is incorrect or does not exist on the machine. If it is not set, then TSM looks for the file dsm.opt in the current directory. User Response: See your system administrator.0068 EDSM_RC_SESSION_CANCELED Explanation: The server administrator canceled the current client session. Prepare a raw volume using Operating System commands; raw volume ls_name and platform AIX is used here.2.

Ans8001i Return Code 4

User Response: Contact your system administrator for more information.0051 EDSM_RC_REJECT_NO_RESOURCES Explanation: TSM has all available sessions in use and cannot accept a new one at this time. http://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGSG7_7.1.7/srv.reference/r_return_codes_tsmscripts.html If the disk is a hard drive, ensure the drive has a volume label, and retry the operation.0610 EDSM_RC_NLS_CANT_OPEN_TXT Explanation: The system is unable to open the message txt file (dscenu.txt Ans8001i Return Code 3 User Response: Try the operation with a different file specification.0033 EDSM_RC_ABORT_INVALID_OFFSET Explanation: The partialObjOffset value for partial object retrieve is invalid. Ans8001i Return Code 15 User Response: Free up disk space, or restore or retrieve the file to another disk.0113 EDSM_RC_PROTOCOL_VIOLATION Explanation: A communications protocol error occurred.

User Response: Retry the operation, or wait until the server comes back up and retry the operation. navigate here User Response: Verify the management class name.2026 EDSM_RC_INVALID_DRIVE_CHAR Explanation: The drive letter is not an alphabetic character. User Response: Increase the number of allowed tape mounts for this node on the server.0045 EDSM_RC_ABORT_MERGE_ERROR Explanation: The specified objects failed the merge test, operation cannot complete. See your administrator for the correct name of the server.-053 EDSM_RC_BAD_HOST_NAME Explanation: An invalid TCP/IP host name or address was specified.

System Action: The sys Skip to site navigation (Press enter) Re: Volume delete problem... System Action: Current operation ends. User Response: Retry the operation. Check This Out Restart TSM and retry the operation.0601 EDSM_RC_NO_LABEL Explanation: The selected drive does not have a label.

This number corresponds to the number in the dsmrc.h header file. User Response: Have your service representative check the error log.0190 SDSM_RC_PS_NO_CG_IN_DIR_MC Explanation: The management class used for directories does not have a backup copy group. System Action: Processing stopped.

Valid values are defined in dsmapitd.h and documented in our Using the API book.2014 EDSM_RC_INVALID_DS_HANDLE Explanation: The system encountered an error in the API internals.

Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website ADSM-L [Top] [AllLists] next> [Advanced] next> Re: delete offsite volume - did not go to a pending status 2005-07-28 15:56:51 Some other error condition occurred that caused the program to think it is out of memory. User Response: You must obtain a TSM node and password from your system administrator.0057 SDSM_RC_REJECT_CLIENT_DOWNLEVEL Explanation: The server version and your client version do not match. System Action: Processing stopped.

User Response: See your system administrator.0073 EDSM_RC_REJECT_INVALID_NODE_TYPE Explanation: The user has probably coded the node option incorrectly. User Response: See your system administrator.0123 EDSM_RC_NO_AUTHORIZATION Explanation: The client is not authorized to restore the other node's data. Hence the user cannot delete the volume by using Tivoli Storage Manager Server Administrative commands. this contact form System Action: TSM ended the current operation.

Get volid of the target volume from the above DB2 command's output. 2. tsm: TSMSERVER> del vol VOL1 discard=yes ANR2221W This command will result in the deletion of all inventory references to the data on volume VOL1, thereby rendering the data unrecoverable. Please try the request again. The next time the tape is reclaimed, I do not run into this problem - not even with the new tape that it wrote to. :0) -----Original Message----- From: Matthew Glanville

Lists NextbyThread: Re: delete offsite volume - did not go to a pending status, T. User Response: Retry the operation with fewer objects in the transaction, or increase the TXNGROUPMAX value on the server.0250 EDSM_RC_ABORT_OBJECT_ALREADY_HELD Explanation: One of the objects in the transaction is already under This file will not be archived. Theviews expressed in this e-mail message do not necessarily representthe views of Highmark Inc., its subsidiaries, or affiliates.=Reply QuoteAnonymous ANS8001I return code 14August 01, 2011 06:10PM Registered: 10 years agoPosts: 256,018Hi

System Action: None. User Response: Define the proper remote disk.0239EDSM_RC_ABORT_BAD_DESTINATION Explanation: Input destination does not match expected destination. This is a programming failure and the client program ends.