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Vmotion Operation Timed Out 20


VC only reported a Timeout error, so it was only the vmware.log file which showed the actual error. Nov 6 15:55:59 src-host vmkernel: 843:07:26:10.006 cpu20:48348)VMotion: 3714: 1415289229136448 S: Another pre-copy iteration needed with 640966 pages left to send (prev2 4194304, prev 4194304, network bandwidth ~91.894 MB/s) Nov 6 15:56:29 Somehow the .vmx file workingDir= entry had managed to drop the last character, the log file reported "This virtual machine cannot be powered on because its working directory is not valid". Nov 6 14:51:31 src-host vmkernel: 843:06:21:41.945 cpu6:64267)WARNING: Migrate: 296: 1415285312829818 S: Failed: Failed to resume VM (0xbad0044) @0x418023e4b250 Nov 6 14:51:31 src-host vmkernel: 843:06:21:41.953 cpu19:64266)WARNING: VMotionSend: 3857: 1415285312829818 S: failed to navigate here

Due to a bad customer planning, VMkernel's vMotion interfaces were in the same management LAN of the VMkernel's Management interfaces… So I've temporally tried to change with a new IP in Join 7 other followers Categories Bat Scripts (2) CheckPoint (3) CISCO (6) Linux-Scripts (3) Misc (14) Personal (2) Redhat (34) Troubleshot (3) Uncategorized (2) Veeam (1) VMware (50) Windows (3) Archives I believe we have a port auto-sensing problem with our switches. Verify that Console OS network connectivity exists.

Vmotion Operation Timed Out 20

Invalid argument The VMware Knowledgebase writers have assembled a great list of possible reasons for this problem and I keep a printed out copy on my cubicle wall for this (ie: l.veirman says: September 30, 2009 at 6:28 pm Hi, Just in case it could be helpful to anyone else : the VMotion will time out when you modify the datastorage of I could have escalated the ticket to a higher level, but I just did not have the warm fuzzy feeling with VMWare support in this case.

The VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on. Dual monitors configured using PCoIP does not span both the monitors for VMwareView How to collect Log from Brocade B-SeriesSwitch Blog at WordPress.com. %d bloggers like this: Credits; Thanks to Jakob Fabritius Nørregaard for posting this blog article which helped identify and resolve this issue. 31,451total views, 49views today Related Filed Under: General, VMware Tagged With: ctk, file Timed Out Waiting For Migration Start Request Since this was a live, powered on VM, I felt more comfortable doing this with a GUI than using the shell and used WinSCP to transfer the files.

November 6, 2014 By Jon Munday 3 Comments I had an interesting issue to resolve today, one that I haven't seen before and one that took a bit of digging to Storage Vmotion Operation Timed Out Most VMotion problems being talked about are related to the well-known 10 Percent VMotion problem, but the 9 percent VMotion problem is different as none of the recommended steps for the Also disable and re-enable vMotion at host level doesn't change the issue (using the advanced setting Migrate / Migrate.enabled parameter), probably because this setting will be effective only after a host http://www.vmadmin.info/2012/01/vmotion-fails-at-9-operation-timed-out.html used for MSCS clusters disks or FT VMs). ## END ## In my case, all “-ctk.vmdk” files reported an exclusive mode 1 lock; ## START ## [[email protected] GUEST-VM]# vmkfstools -D GUEST-VM-ctk.vmdk

So I found a simple solution in order to re-enable the vMotion features without a reboot. Vmotion Fails At 20 vCenter Server - Solutions to increase the availability vStorage - Software vs Hardware iSCSI? Error 16. So next step was to review the guest VM's log file; ## START ## Nov 06 14:52:04.416: vmx| DISKLIB-CTK : Could not open tracking file.

Storage Vmotion Operation Timed Out

Due to this problem being fairly new I was not able to find a lot of information on the Internet about this problem. https://ict-freak.nl/2009/11/17/vsphere-storage-vmotion-fails-with-a-timeout/ A rescan of the storage can help in this case. Vmotion Operation Timed Out 20 All the guests on a host would vmotion except one. Vmotion Fails At 21 Tried all the suggestions above but it still wouldn't budge.

Stay updated via RSS Follow me on Follow @ashraf9719 Hit Counts 63,993 hits Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by check over here Verify that time is synchronized across environment. Thomas H. After changing the kernel IP to an unused address the 10% issue was resolved immediately. Vmotion Timeout Settings

I decided to have a look at the contents of the virtual machine folder, and found a number of suspicious looking “-ctk.vmdk” files, mostly time stamped from more than two years Reply Trackbacks Newsletter: November 16, 2014 | Notes from MWhite says: November 16, 2014 at 11:47 pm […] VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on" This is SteveP says: October 13, 2009 at 4:15 pm Awesome! his comment is here I then upgraded the Broadcom NICs to the latest available firmware.

Verify that hostd is not spiking the console. Vmotion Fails At 90 The 9 Percent VMotion problem was fixed by upgrading the firmware for the NICs on my ESX hosts. I am not 100% sure what triggers this 9% VMotion problem and I assume it is a combination of at least 2 items.

This sounds relatively plausible, but the exact same results were observed trying to migrate the VM onto an empty host.

I then confirmed there were no longer any “-ctk.vmdk” files in the virtual machine folder, and that they were all in the newly created "tmp" folder; ## START ## [[email protected] GUEST-VM]# Nov 6 15:56:54 src-host vmkernel: 843:07:27:04.521 cpu9:64297)VMotionSend: 3866: 1415289229136448 S: Sent all modified pages to destination (network bandwidth ~81.079 MB/s) ## END ## ## START ## Nov 6 15:57:20 dst-host vmkernel: You might see a dialog popup which says- Operation timed out Tasks: A general system error occurred: Failed waiting for data. Vmotion Fails At 67 To make this all a little more clear, I made a list of the stages and there respectively definition.

It is most likely a timeout, but check the VMX log for the true error. Nov 6 15:57:26 dst-host vmkernel: 0:01:16:33.061 cpu16:4359)VmMemMigrate: vm 4359: 1946: pgNum (0x3fd43e) changed type to 1 while remotely faulting it in. Peter G. weblink Nov 06 14:52:04.421: vmx| DISKLIB-LIB : Failed to open '/vmfs/volumes/4f1edf9e-b9c5beba-cd04-0025b30202ac/GUEST-VM/GUEST-VM_3.vmdk' with flags 0xa Could not open/create change tracking file (2108).

Nov 06 14:52:04.417: vmx| DISKLIB-LIB : Could not open change tracker /vmfs/volumes/4f1edf9e-b9c5beba-cd04-0025b30202ac/GUEST-VM/GUEST-VM_3-ctk.vmdk: Could not open/create change tracking file. This resolved our ‘VMotion failing at 10%' issue. says: May 6, 2009 at 11:12 am One more possibility that we recently ran into.